2022 Monthly Set Subjects

Month Subject Guidelines Judge Date of Comp Closing Date
Jan Silhouette A silhouette is a dark image of a subject against a bright background. In reality silhouette images are often pictures which are more semi-silhouettes where the main subject is not quite solid jet black but very close. Barry Whisson 11 January 14 December 2021
Feb Negative Space “Negative space” as opposed to “Positive Space” is the area which surrounds the main subject of interest in your photo. “Negative space” defines and emphasises the main subject of a photo, drawing your eye to it. It provides "breathing room", giving your eyes somewhere to rest and preventing your image from appearing too cluttered. All of this adds up to a more engaging composition. Travis Lord 08 February 11 January
Mar Climate Change Is considered a long-term change in the average weather patterns that have come to define Earth's local, regional, and global climates. These changes have a broad range of observed effects that are synonymous with the term. Frequently used images fall into the “negative impact” category such as imagery depicting the most visible and disturbing impacts of climate change: extreme weather, historic droughts, temperature records, ice-free Arctic summers, rising seas, melting glaciers, coastal erosion, storm surges, forest fires, ruined crops, food riots, dried riverbeds, forced migration and refugees; etc. In contrast, photographers can consider “positive impact” images to shift the global climate change conversation from despair to optimism, from apathy to action and to celebrate the many opportunities such as economic, environmental and health which can be gained from transitioning to a clean energy economy. Creative photography such as Composites and Photo-manipulations are accepted in this category. Graham Harris 08 March 08 February
Apr Portrait of (mood / emotion / drama) A photograph of a person or persons that may range from a head study to fill body length. This section includes candid photographs and formal portraits which show some sort of emotion, drama, or mood. E.g., a couple in a romantic setting; a happy child at Christmas or someone who looks obviously sad or angry etc; or people in a dramatic scene. TBA 12 April 08 March
May Scapes (land / sea / city) An image featuring an expansive view without any humans dominating the scene. Urban, Rural, Sea, Sky Scapes, and traditional Landscapes are all included in this category. TBA 10 May 12 April
Jun Stranger (tell their story) The definition of a stranger is a person you do not know, someone unknown in a place or a community, or a person who is unfamiliar with something. Tell their story in the image. TBA 14 June 10 May
Jul Bridges A bridge is a structure built to span a physical obstacle (such as a body of water, valley, road, or rail) without blocking the way underneath. It is constructed for the purpose of providing passage over the obstacle, which is usually something that is otherwise difficult or impossible to cross. There are many different designs of bridges, each serving a particular purpose and applicable to different situations. Designs of bridges vary depending on factors such as: the function of the bridge, the nature of the terrain where the bridge is constructed and anchored, and the material used to make it and the funds available to build it. The earliest bridges were likely made with fallen trees and stepping stones. TBA 12 July 14 June
Aug Water Water is an essential ingredient to life. Photograph water in any form the appeals to you; be it, the local creek, water drops, the surf in the ocean, ice cubes, bath tub full of water in a paddock etc. Use your imagination. Roberta Edwards 09 August 12 July
Sep Disappearing technologies Technology is the application of scientific knowledge for practical ends. Disappearing technology relates to practical items that were once in daily use but are now largely obsolete. The image must feature a technical invention that is now discontinued or obsolete. Tryg Helander 13 September 09 August
Oct Duplicates An item or article consisting of two corresponding or identical parts or examples, an exact copy. Something that resembles or corresponds to another thing, such as two white cars, made by the same manufacturer. Or, two things exactly alike and usually produced at the same time or by the same process. An additional copy of something (such as a book or stamp) already in a collection. TBA 11 October 13 September
Nov Abandoned Buildings The abandoned building must appear to be unoccupied and in a state of significant disrepair. It may be surrounded by occupied buildings or in a field but it must be the main subject of the image. Allan Rosser 08 November 11 October
Dec End of Year TBA TBA 13 December 08 November