2024 Set Subjects

Subject Guidelines Date of Comp Closing Date Possible Field Day (These might change) Guest Speaker (Where Possible)
Jan BREAK Prints Comp - Not part of the aggregate. January 09, 2024 December 12, 2023
Feb Architecture Pictures depicting the interior or exterior of any manmade structure portraying the surface texture, lighting, colour, or geometry and emphasising the character or beauty of the structure. People, statues and fountains may be included but not be the dominant point of the image. February 13, 2024 January 09, 2024
Mar Food Photography Food photography encompasses images where food is the main or prominent element within the frame. This genre allows for the inclusion of people engaging with the food, provided that their involvement contributes to conveying a narrative March 12, 2024 February 13, 2024
Apr Scapes An image featuring an expansive view without humans dominating the scene - urban, rural, sea, sky scapes, and traditional landscapes are all included in this category. A landscape is a photograph of natural scenery with land and sky based elements displayed in a pictorial fashion. It may include evidence of man, people, animals, even part of the sea provided that none of these additional elements dominate the photograph. A seascape is a photograph of natural coastal scenery, a wave study, or a picture of the open sea, provided always that the sea is the centre of interest of the photograph. People, boats and man-made structures may be present as incidental to the photograph. April 9, 2024 March 12, 2024
May People A photograph of a person or people that must show all of the person(s) from head to foot (no head to waist close-ups). The person(s) in the photograph must be the focal subject, however the image could also depict their environment or a broader scene. Can be posed or candid. Must be a live human being (mannikins, statues or ornaments will not be accepted) May 14, 2024 April 9, 2024
Jun Nature June 11, 2024 May 14, 2024
Jul Round Things A rounded shape is a shape that is curved and without sharp angles. It occurs in more places than we realise both constructed and naturally. Round shapes occur in circles such as plates or clocks , spheres such as oranges or a ball or cylindrical shapes such as a rolling pin, a soft drink can and camera lenses. Round shapes are found easily everywhere. July 9, 2024 June 11, 2024
Aug Sports Sports covers the photography of all types of sports, athletic activities and athletes whether they are professional, amateur or casual (eg cricket on a beach) or indoors or outdoors. The action can be frozen in time or portrayed using panning. August 13, 2024 July 9, 2024
Sep Intentional Camera Movement A creative way of working with long exposure photography where the camera is deliberately moved during an exposure. The movement can be horizontal, vertical or even circular in motion or any combination of movement. Zoom pulling is also a technique of ICM where the lens is zoomed in or out during the exposure. Basically, any deliberate and noticeable movement of the camera during the exposure." To see some examples, do a google image search for “ICM Photography.” September 10, 2024 August 13, 2024
Oct Industrial Capture the industrial world - the places, the machines, the people, and the artistry of it all. It's not just about factories and big machines; it's also the stories of people working in these settings and how industry blends into our cities and lives. October 8, 2024 September 10, 2024
Nov Back Alleys A back alley is a narrow passageway behind a row of houses or buildings or it can be a back street. Sometimes there can be a clandestine, dirty, unprepossessing or sordid atmosphere. It can also be colourful with graffiti and murals. With respect to the latter, be careful of copyright. November 12, 2024 October 8, 2024
Dec End of Year https://toowoomba.myphotoclub.com.au/wp-content/uploads/sites/111/2022/08/2022-End-Of-Year-Comp.pdf December 10, 2024 November 12, 2024