2024 Set Subjects

Subject Guidelines Date of Comp Closing Date Possible Field Day (These might change) Guest Speaker (Where Possible)
Jan BREAK Prints Comp - Not part of the aggregate. January 09, 2024 December 12, 2023
Feb Architecture Pictures depicting the interior or exterior of any manmade structure portraying the surface texture, lighting, colour, or geometry and emphasising the character or beauty of the structure. People, statues and fountains may be included but not be the dominant point of the image. February 13, 2024 January 09, 2024
Mar Food Photography Food photography encompasses images where food is the main or prominent element within the frame. This genre allows for the inclusion of people engaging with the food, provided that their involvement contributes to conveying a narrative March 12, 2024 February 13, 2024
Apr Scapes An image featuring an expansive view without humans dominating the scene - urban, rural, sea, sky scapes, and traditional landscapes are all included in this category. A landscape is a photograph of natural scenery with land and sky based elements displayed in a pictorial fashion. It may include evidence of man, people, animals, even part of the sea provided that none of these additional elements dominate the photograph. A seascape is a photograph of natural coastal scenery, a wave study, or a picture of the open sea, provided always that the sea is the centre of interest of the photograph. People, boats and man-made structures may be present as incidental to the photograph. April 9, 2024 March 12, 2024
May People A photograph of a person or people that must show all of the person(s) from head to foot (no head to waist close-ups). The person(s) in the photograph must be the focal subject, however the image could also depict their environment or a broader scene. Can be posed or candid. Must be a live human being (mannikins, statues or ornaments will not be accepted) May 14, 2024 April 9, 2024
Jun Nature Nature photography records all branches of natural history except anthropology and archaeology. This includes all aspects of the physical world, both animate and inanimate, that have not been made or modified by humans. See more information below. June 11, 2024 May 14, 2024
Jul Round Things A rounded shape is a shape that is curved and without sharp angles. It occurs in more places than we realise both constructed and naturally. Round shapes occur in circles such as plates or clocks , spheres such as oranges or a ball or cylindrical shapes such as a rolling pin, a soft drink can and camera lenses. Round shapes are found easily everywhere. July 9, 2024 June 11, 2024
Aug Sports Sports covers the photography of all types of sports, athletic activities and athletes whether they are professional, amateur or casual (eg cricket on a beach) or indoors or outdoors. The action can be frozen in time or portrayed using panning. August 13, 2024 July 9, 2024
Sep Intentional Camera Movement A creative way of working with long exposure photography where the camera is deliberately moved during an exposure. The movement can be horizontal, vertical or even circular in motion or any combination of movement. Zoom pulling is also a technique of ICM where the lens is zoomed in or out during the exposure. Basically, any deliberate and noticeable movement of the camera during the exposure." To see some examples, do a google image search for “ICM Photography.” September 10, 2024 August 13, 2024
Oct Industrial Capture the industrial world - the places, the machines, the people, and the artistry of it all. It's not just about factories and big machines; it's also the stories of people working in these settings and how industry blends into our cities and lives. October 8, 2024 September 10, 2024
Nov Back Alleys A back alley is a narrow passageway behind a row of houses or buildings or it can be a back street. Sometimes there can be a clandestine, dirty, unprepossessing or sordid atmosphere. It can also be colourful with graffiti and murals. With respect to the latter, be careful of copyright. November 12, 2024 October 8, 2024
Dec End of Year https://toowoomba.myphotoclub.com.au/wp-content/uploads/sites/111/2022/08/2022-End-Of-Year-Comp.pdf December 10, 2024 November 12, 2024

Further information about Nature Photography:
Nature photography records all branches of natural history except anthropology
and archaeology. This includes all aspects of the physical world, both animate and
inanimate, that have not been made or modified by humans.
 Nature images must convey the truth of the scene that was photographed.
A well-informed person should be able to identify the subject of the image
and be satisfied that it has been presented honestly and that no unethical
practices have been used to control the subject or capture the image.
Images that directly or indirectly show any human activity that threatens
the life or welfare of a living organism are not allowed.
 The most important part of a Nature image is the nature story it tells. High
technical standards are expected and the image must look natural.
 Objects created by humans, and evidence of human activity, are allowed in
Nature images only when they are a necessary part of the Nature story.
 Photographs of human-created hybrid plants, cultivated plants, feral
animals, domesticated animals, human-created hybrid animals and
mounted or preserved zoological specimens are not allowed.
 Images taken with subjects under controlled conditions, such as zoos, are
 Controlling live subjects by chilling, anaesthetic or any other method of
restricting natural movement for the purpose of a photograph is not
Processing or editing must be limited to making the image look as close to the
original scene as possible, except that conversion to grayscale monochrome is
Allowed editing techniques:
 Cropping, straightening and perspective correction
 Removal or correction of elements added by the camera or lens, such as dust
spots, noise, chromatic aberration and lens distortion.
 Global and selective adjustments such as brightness, hue, saturation and contrast
to restore the appearance of the original scene.
 Complete conversion of colour images to grayscale monochrome.
 Blending of multiple images of the same subject and combining them in camera
or with software (exposure blending or focus stacking);
 Image stitching – combining multiple images with overlapping fields of view that
are taken consecutively (panoramas).
Editing techniques that are not allowed:
 Removing, adding to, moving or changing any part of an image, except for
cropping and straightening.
 Adding a vignette during processing.
 Blurring parts of the image during processing to hide elements in the original
 Darkening parts of the image during processing to hide elements in the original
 All conversions other than to complete grayscale monochrome.
 Conversion of parts of an image to monochrome, or partial toning, desaturation
or over-saturation of colour
The fundamental rule that must be observed at all times is that the welfare of
living creatures is more important than any photograph. This means that practices
such as baiting of subjects with a living creature and removal of birds from nests,
for the purpose of obtaining a photograph, are highly unethical, and such
photographs are not allowed. Under no circumstances may a living creature be
placed in a situation where it will be killed, injured or stressed for the purpose of
obtaining a photograph. Images that show live creatures being fed to captive
animals, birds or reptiles are not permitted under any circumstances.
There are also concerns about the use of aerial photography, drones, helicopters,
low flying aircraft. These should not cause any interference with other individuals
or animals which causes a disturbance in their normal activity or disrupt the way
any individuals or animals interact with their environment. Entrants must comply
with all relevant laws and regulations, associated with aerial photography, in the
country in which the image was taken.

2023 Set Subjects & Guidelines

2023 Set Subjects

Comp Month Subject Guidelines Judge Date of Comp Closing Date Possible Field Day (These might change) Guest Speaker (Where Possible)
Jan BREAK BREAK BREAK BREAK BREAK Portraits - Mick Jones Studio and Bar (POSTPONED)
Feb Portraits An image of a person or persons from the waist up only, not a full length shot. This may include accessories and backgrounds in character with the subject. The image may be taken in a formal studio setting or in the community at large. It may be in colour or monochrome. Must be a live human being (mannikins, statues or ornaments will not be accepted) Travis Lord 14 February 10 January Springbrook National Park - Natural Bridge & Sunset at Snapper Rocks 18 February Arrive around 3PM
Mar High Key An image which consists of light tones only, with the exception that some small area may be black or near black. Barry Whisson 14 March 14 February Crows Nest Falls 18 March
Apr Scapes A pictorial representation of land, sea, seashore, or urban environments that captures the aesthetic appeal of these outdoor settings. It brings the viewer into the scenery and perfectly captures the setting, mood, and feeling in the location. It can focus on wide-angle shots of landforms, rivers, estuaries, seas, seashores, city skylines, streetscapes and the like. It may also involve closer shots of features of these environments. If humans or animals are in the image, they should not be the main foci, but rather be intentionally present to give a sense of scale to the image Allan Rosser 11 April 14 March Mount Coot-Tha Brisbane Botanic Gardens 15 April Steve Parish - Wildlife & Nature for "Animals" 25 April
May Social Documentary - Black & White Social documentary photography is the recording of what the world looks like, with a social and/or environmental focus, and aims to draw the public's attention to ongoing social or environmental issues. It is often associated with the photographer providing a critical review / assessment of these issues and how people act on them. In these cases, the photographer also often advocates for the people impacted, trying to draw the public’s attention to the topic documented. Images need to be black and white (grey tonal range) and not toned with any colour. John Stewart 9 May 11 April Overnight Queen Mary Falls / Carrs Lookout 20-21 May Graham Harris - Focus Stacking (23 May - To be confirmed)
Jun Animals Images of living untamed or domesticated animals (including pets) in natural or other outdoor environments that may include objects made by humans. Images may feature single or multiple animals. Indoor set-ups with natural or artificial lighting are not allowed. Creative post-processing, including composites, is allowed. An animal is a living thing (with exception of humans) that can breath, move, eat, reproduce and react to the world through its senses (eg sight, smell, hearing). Therefore mammals, birds, reptiles, insects, fish are all animals for the purpose of this competition, and may be wild or domesticated. It is acceptable that evidence of a human environment the animal frequents is allowed, along with any supporting man-made accessories, however, images should not include people as part of the subject or as supporting cast. Graham Harris 13 June 9 May Allan Rosser - Profile Corrections
Jul Water In motion A picture featuring water, fresh or salt, which gives the impression that it is moving. Water in any form or location is acceptable. Bev Lacey 11 July 13 June Texas Show & Rodeo
Aug Opposites Two conflicting objects in one photo. For example (but not limited to): Black and white, up and down, short and tall, in or out. Tryg Helander 08 August 11 July Chinchilla Polocrosse Carnival - 12th August
Sep Calm Mornings Everybody loves a calm morning, show us what a calm morning means to you. Ralph Brown 12 September 08 August 16 September Lake Broadwater & Astro
Oct Windows Physical, metaphorical, or impressional form of a window or windows. There is no restriction on the number of window/s in the image. Jenny Graff 10 October 12 September Jondaryn Woolshed Working Dog Spectacular - 28 October
Nov Flowers Any REAL flower/s, any place, any time, can be alive, dead, or dried. Must be real and not artificial There is no restriction on the number of flower/s in the image. Roberta Edwards 14 November 10 October Toowoomba & Lockyer Valley Kart Club Saturday 18 November
Dec End of Year https://toowoomba.myphotoclub.com.au/wp-content/uploads/sites/111/2022/08/2022-End-Of-Year-Comp.pdf 12 December 14 November End of Year Dinner 12 December