All members attending our designated field days need to complete the form below. This is a requirement of our insurance policy through PSQ.

TPS Field Days (#25)

Field Day Expression of Interest Form

Note: The information provided in this form is for official use only and is stored securely. It will not be made public.

Please use the electronic form below.

To see a list of upcoming field days, please view our on-line calendar at our MyPhotoClub website

Section A:

Personal Contact Details
To ensure TPS insurance is validated, we must have your contact details updated. 
This form will need to be completed for each outing. 

If your contact details have changed, please update them below. 

Emergency Contact Information

This section must be filled in

Section B:

If you are bringing along a Non TPS Member, you must list their details below. To ensure TPS insurance is validated visitors must pay for an associate membership once in a year.

After an associate membership is purchased, visitors can attend all future outings for that year. 

This is a requirement to protect TPS members, Visitors and the general public. 

To Purchase an Associate Membership Click Here:

An associate membership MUST be purchased to ensure TPS Insurance Coverage is validated. 
If your visitor has previously purchased an associate membership for that calendar year, they will still be covered by the membership. 

If your visitor has NOT purchased an associate membership, TPS Management Committee reserve the right to deny visitor attendance. The visitor will be considered general public and will be personally fully liable for their actions.